Esistono casi di calvizie comune nei neonati?


Yes, sometimes. Dr James Hamilton made significant contributuions to our understanding of male pattern baldness. Several of the discoveries and comments he made back in the 1950s have been overlooked by current dermatologists. Dr Hamilton noted that the areas of hair loss seen in men and women with pattern baldness were the exact same areas of the scalp where hairloss can develop in babies. There can be a significant lack of hair growth in an androgenetic alopecia pattern in both male and female babies. The frontal areas of scalp skin may have very thin hair in babies, especially those born prematurely. Babies may look like they have a widow’s peak as is often seen in men and observed (with a less distinct pattern) in women.

Whether this temporary hair loss in babies can be used to predict future adult susceptibility to androgenetic alopecia is unknown.


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